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Sorry that I’ve been posting rather late. It’s just that I’ve been making the right time for you all.

Today, I stopped at the local drugstore (CVS) and I made some personal purchases and also some beauty purchases. I bought the new “Big Eyes” mascara and some “Color Whisper” lipsticks. Those reviews should be expected for some #BlogMySummerAwayChallenge reviews. It was more of a dry thinking day today. Nothing really exciting. To let everyone know, I am back home and I slept for a very long time the night I got back 😂 . I missed my bed and hadn’t even realized it.

Many of you have commented very inspiring words on the post for the first day that I will try to include tomorrow. But I do want to say, that many people will try to knock you down and I know that’s one of the most overused sayings but it’s true. These people can be people that you wouldn’t even expect. Many times, to find out how people whom you speculate are trying to knock you down, get in an argument for good reason.

Many times arguments can serve as the clearing ground for a relationship, to bring many things to light and can reveal how someone really feels.

Lord have mercy my babies I’m getting very tired and hope that this is enough for today.


Stay Fierce,

Seanie B. 💋 💋 💁


As my summer starts to draw closer and closer to a close, people dash around to “Make this Summer the BEST!” When they only ruin it for themselves. Many people can’t find the joy in lounging in the house and relaxing. The thought of it makes them cringe. One of the problems is that, they tend to think too much. I could be even talking about you. Another thing is that they (or you) think about the stresses of life instead of just not thinking about anything. My Grandmother is that type of person. If I tell her to relax, she will automatically think about every debt that she owes and underlying personal issues. She will not go to the therapy because it pains and scares her to bring certain things up because many things are sweeped under a rug. For her to relax I have to handle everything for her, and take her phone so she can just relax. If your like my grandmother your “Best Summer”, could just be relaxing and having a “Comfort Buddy”, to take care of your troubles sometimes. Not going to Heresy Park or Kings Dominion. It’s just relaxing. You may also want to go to therapy. I’ve been there and it’s helped with things that can keep you up and rack your brain at night.

To change topics, I have discovered that I have hyperhidrosis -,-. Being outside can cause much more sweating then necessary. Makeup (my baby) is becoming a challenge. I have to visit a dermatologist, which is just amazing! I am going to a “Blog My Summer Away Challenge”, to give you more posts that are deserved.

I have been watching the new show “The Real” and I have to say I’ve fallen in love. The different attitudes clash in a way that is beautiful, and not one personality gets overshadowed by another. It’s great.

I haven’t been in the my own house since Saturday and I love it. I realize that I miss certain family members WAY more than I give them credit for. These people are pieces of me and I see myself in them in many ways that I can’t imagine. Family really can complete me.

And here is where I stop for Day 1 of the Blog My Summer Away Challenge! Don’t cry, it’s okay there are 34 days left of my summer.

Love You My Perfect Dolls,

Seanie B. 💋 💋

Oh dear, where do I begin my beautiful babies!

I can do the challenge that I created, don’t worry your little hearts!

I guess I will start off with the fact that, I am completely excited for some celebrity fragrances coming out (only Nicki Minaj’s to be honest). Yes, I am a complete Nicki Stan and if it’s not liked, my blog can survive off of the views it gets and a hater’s view is not wanted or needed for that matter. First, Nicki Minaj: The raptress Mogul, had said some time ago that she was I’m love with a fragrance smell she had made for the second fragrance due in the upcoming holiday season, that will feature a new bottle than the first 2. Well 2 days ago, she released on Instagram that she was filming the commercial for the fragrance and took to Twitter to describe the fragrance in one word, “Queen”. The image released was slayage in itself and if you can’t take slayage well, I don’t advise to visit the Queen’s Instagram. From the image, I will be stealing the cutout from Macy’s for the fragrance display. Macy’s you’ve been warned. No information as to the fragrance bottle or notes have been released yet.

Next, Rihanna: Rihanna posted to Instagram the image for her new fragrance Rogue that will have 2 editions, woman’s which will be featured first then men’s, that will both smell different but the same in some aspects. The fragrance is something way different from the familiar stiletto bottle, but is a good look. I want to have high hopes but Nude was a complete down turn for her amazing fragrances. Still, good luck Rihanna and my hopes will remain high.

One Direction: The boy band that has stolen the hearts of many fans has made the announcement that their new fragrance, “Our Moment” from Eden Parfums that said from Louis “…smells like a summer’s day,” will be released on the 25th of August with preorders available to be taken! The notes have been released and they are:


Top Notes:

Pink Grapefruit

Wild Berries


Mid Notes:

Fresh Freesia

Jasmine Petals



Dry Notes:

Creamy Musk

Sheer Woods

White Patchouli


I admit I am excited for this fragrance, but I am expecting it to smell very teenybopper and not last long. The fragrance box(which can be viewed here: ) looks cheap and creepy something the little girls will definitely put on their dresser tops. The bottle does like unique, but gives me Britney Fantasy teas, no? I will probably do the review after I buy Nicki Minaj’s NEW one…

Beyoncé: Heat recently got another sibling, as Beyoncé added Heat: The Mrs Carter World Tour Edition (that can be purchased here: ) I don’t have it yet but I do plan on getting it, seeing as Beyoncé’s perfumes haven’t failed me. The notes include:


Top Notes:

Pink Pepper


Acai Berry


Mid  Notes:

Orchid Violet


Base Notes:

Australian Sandalwood


Madagascar Vanilla.


Based on Fragantica, this perfume is heavy and enormous on most (which is what I love). This is Mrs. Carter’s most exclusive fragrances seeing as it’s only on HER Tour apparel website. 


That’s all for today folks and I hope you have a good day…well it is like 10:20… we’ll act like that never happened!


Love you with all my heart,

Seanie B. 💋 💋