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This has to be one of my MOST asked for reviews, or whatever you may call this! All the time I get a request for this! But before I get to the reviews I want to put out a WARNING! MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR EXACT SHADE OF THE MAKEUP! DONT FOLLOW WHAT I MAY SAY IN OTHER POST ABOUT HIGHLIGHTING UNDER YOUR EYES! ITS NOT GOING TO LOOK NATURAL ON A GUY AT ALL! So now that that’s out the way lets get started:

Maybelline Dream Nude Air foam
I just did a review on this item, so I’m going to keep this pretty short, and sweet. BOYS USE THIS! If you have patchy discoloration marks, or spots this is it. It will even your skin without making you look streaky from the brush movements. But if you are having trouble w/ acne don’t get this. It won’t help much.

          Airbrushing System
If you can afford it GET IT. Many people think that this makeup product will make your face look like some crazy porcelain doll, that looks flawless, and fake as hell! This is only true if you go overboard with it, and trust me I’ve seen some overboard shit um stuff! Used correctly this can give you a natural VERY build able coverage. Also many of the airbrush systems out here now come with kits of airbrush shades so it’s hard to put the wrong shade with this, you can also blend 2 shades together like nobody’s business!

    Revlon Colorstay Foundation
This foundation is awesome! You will have that build able coverage, finding your shade is quite easy with the diverse shades available, it isn’t thick at all, and it works with the different skin types.

This is just part 1 of this review because there are so many makeup brands that are PERFECT for boys that would take forever for for this blog to be posted, and I want to get this out there to help people!



Thank You

I just want to start off with: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
It has been a really rough time for me, because of the hacking, and I really thought that all of you would leave. I was so afraid, I even thought about just stopping the blog all together. Just as I was thinking of doing this I checked my blog for what I thought would be the last time, but what I saw really surprised me! I was astounded by the amount of comments, and views that my blog had received! I thought that when you all had seen everything gone you would leave too. So to thank you I will try my hardest to answer all your questions and bring you many reviews!

Much Love,