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As my summer starts to draw closer and closer to a close, people dash around to “Make this Summer the BEST!” When they only ruin it for themselves. Many people can’t find the joy in lounging in the house and relaxing. The thought of it makes them cringe. One of the problems is that, they tend to think too much. I could be even talking about you. Another thing is that they (or you) think about the stresses of life instead of just not thinking about anything. My Grandmother is that type of person. If I tell her to relax, she will automatically think about every debt that she owes and underlying personal issues. She will not go to the therapy because it pains and scares her to bring certain things up because many things are sweeped under a rug. For her to relax I have to handle everything for her, and take her phone so she can just relax. If your like my grandmother your “Best Summer”, could just be relaxing and having a “Comfort Buddy”, to take care of your troubles sometimes. Not going to Heresy Park or Kings Dominion. It’s just relaxing. You may also want to go to therapy. I’ve been there and it’s helped with things that can keep you up and rack your brain at night.

To change topics, I have discovered that I have hyperhidrosis -,-. Being outside can cause much more sweating then necessary. Makeup (my baby) is becoming a challenge. I have to visit a dermatologist, which is just amazing! I am going to a “Blog My Summer Away Challenge”, to give you more posts that are deserved.

I have been watching the new show “The Real” and I have to say I’ve fallen in love. The different attitudes clash in a way that is beautiful, and not one personality gets overshadowed by another. It’s great.

I haven’t been in the my own house since Saturday and I love it. I realize that I miss certain family members WAY more than I give them credit for. These people are pieces of me and I see myself in them in many ways that I can’t imagine. Family really can complete me.

And here is where I stop for Day 1 of the Blog My Summer Away Challenge! Don’t cry, it’s okay there are 34 days left of my summer.

Love You My Perfect Dolls,

Seanie B. í ˝đź’‹ đź’‹


Oh dear, where do I begin my beautiful babies!

I can do the challenge that I created, don’t worry your little hearts!

I guess I will start off with the fact that, I am completely excited for some celebrity fragrances coming out (only Nicki Minaj’s to be honest). Yes, I am a complete Nicki Stan and if it’s not liked, my blog can survive off of the views it gets and a hater’s view is not wanted or needed for that matter. First, Nicki Minaj: The raptress Mogul, had said some time ago that she was I’m love with a fragrance smell she had made for the second fragrance due in the upcoming holiday season, that will feature a new bottle than the first 2. Well 2 days ago, she released on Instagram that she was filming the commercial for the fragrance and took to Twitter to describe the fragrance in one word, “Queen”. The image released was slayage in itself and if you can’t take slayage well, I don’t advise to visit the Queen’s Instagram. From the image, I will be stealing the cutout from Macy’s for the fragrance display. Macy’s you’ve been warned. No information as to the fragrance bottle or notes have been released yet.

Next, Rihanna: Rihanna posted to Instagram the image for her new fragrance Rogue that will have 2 editions, woman’s which will be featured first then men’s, that will both smell different but the same in some aspects. The fragrance is something way different from the familiar stiletto bottle, but is a good look. I want to have high hopes but Nude was a complete down turn for her amazing fragrances. Still, good luck Rihanna and my hopes will remain high.

One Direction: The boy band that has stolen the hearts of many fans has made the announcement that their new fragrance, “Our Moment” from Eden Parfums that said from Louis “…smells like a summer’s day,” will be released on the 25th of August with preorders available to be taken! The notes have been released and they are:


Top Notes:

Pink Grapefruit

Wild Berries


Mid Notes:

Fresh Freesia

Jasmine Petals



Dry Notes:

Creamy Musk

Sheer Woods

White Patchouli


I admit I am excited for this fragrance, but I am expecting it to smell very teenybopper and not last long. The fragrance box(which can be viewed here: ) looks cheap and creepy something the little girls will definitely put on their dresser tops. The bottle does like unique, but gives me Britney Fantasy teas, no? I will probably do the review after I buy Nicki Minaj’s NEW one…

BeyoncĂ©: Heat recently got another sibling, as BeyoncĂ© added Heat: The Mrs Carter World Tour Edition (that can be purchased here: ) I don’t have it yet but I do plan on getting it, seeing as BeyoncĂ©’s perfumes haven’t failed me. The notes include:


Top Notes:

Pink Pepper


Acai Berry


Mid  Notes:

Orchid Violet


Base Notes:

Australian Sandalwood


Madagascar Vanilla.


Based on Fragantica, this perfume is heavy and enormous on most (which is what I love). This is Mrs. Carter’s most exclusive fragrances seeing as it’s only on HER Tour apparel website. 


That’s all for today folks and I hope you have a good day…well it is like 10:20… we’ll act like that never happened!


Love you with all my heart,

Seanie B. đź’‹ đź’‹


Milestone PASSED!

WOW! You guys are the best ever and I really am so thankful to have all of you as my subscribers! I know that I just brought back the follow feature and I had just sprung it to you all to subscribe or follow or whatever you want to call it, but I know it was very surprising! But even though this was very surprising you all REALLY did it! You guys got me OVER100 SUBSCRIBERS ALMOST 13,000 RSS FEED SUBSCRIPTIONS IN LESS THAN 4 DAYS! You all are really amazing, and for my appreciation to you I have went out and bought the products that MANY of my friends, and you guys haven been asking me to get, some other things that i just wanted to get myself, and somethings I’ve had for a while. These are the reviews that you can expect to see!:








We passed a milestone guys. Thank you.

Peace. Love. War,


P.S. I didn’t even tell you to follow! You guys say the chance and flew at it! But on a second

note do you guys think that I should disable comments and only let people send me request and comments via email, or keep the comments open? Answer in the poll or in the comments!

Happy Birthday to me! Right now I am celebrating one rocky, unstable, but beautiful year. Some of you know why I say unstable and others may be like, “What the hell is he talking about,” But just know, I see everyone of you as beautiful and valuable to me. To be honest I didn’t know it was BeautyBySeanie’s birthday. I was planning on making a post which I am now and as I logged in to give you a much wanted mascara review, I see that it’s my first birthday! My birthday! My birthday! My birthday! So on to other news, I am hereby making it a commitment that you all will have, some type of material, at least once every two (I feel like typing it out makes you seem smarter :3) weeks. I love you and here is the review on *drum roll* ‘Maybelline’s One By One Mascara’! To the review!:
Now I know this looks very creepy, but disregard the creep factor for just one moment. Here are my eyelahes, with no mascara:




image (2)

As you can see my eyelashes are nothing long, and very short. They are pretty thick though and they are strong, because I don’t every notice any falling out too often.

Now with one coat of this mascara:






Now with 2 coats:




Now I know that these pictures aren’t that HD, and they are not doing this mascara justice, but this mascara is amazing! It comes in both the waterproof and washable formula and I always favor waterproof formulas. It goes on so smooth and as you can see, even with 2 coats it still gives amazing length. I’ve had the washable formula before and if that’s what you favor, it’s still amazing. It doesn’t flake off, it just comes off when your ready for it to… Or when you cry. Either way, this mascara’s amazing if your looking for length. If volume’s what you favor, this isn’t the one.

Anyway, love you and this year will be amazing,

I never knew. I never knew that 1 day would turn into a week, then a week into 3 months. From the post on October 23rd my life took drastic changes and things began to require more and more of my time. To be honest I feel like I have abandoned you all. But the thing is, since I’ve come back, I looked at my views and some of you have been faithfully checking the blog for 3 months looking for your well deserved post. Some of you just gave up, but how could I blame you? So here you go!


Photo Courtesy Of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lashes:

I have to say I really LOVE these lashes. They aren’t at all natural, because if the length and volume, but they aren’t too over the top. The lash is kind of thick to the touch of it, but it’s very moveable.  Now I know that the Marilyn Monroe Collection has been moved out from MAC, but these lashes are still available because they weren’t with the collection. They are the 35 Lash that many people have been seen wearing. Even Katy Perry!

Photo Courtesy Of GlamBeauty Blog

For a little information on MAC, the next collection is ARCHIE’S GIRLS! I’m so excited for it!

For the surprise, it is a review for the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation:

estee lauder DW

CLEAR BOTTLE Photo Courtesy Of Estee Lauder

Size: 1 oz

Coverage: Medium – Full Buildable

Finish: Natural, Semi-Matte

What It Claims:

15-hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.

What I Think: I must start off by saying that this is the newer formula that I’m reviewing and it’s not the original. Now on the website customer reviews many people are being very rude to the new product and way too harsh. The product isn’t what it used to be and I’m defiantly not saying that it is, but its a good product. Better then some other products I’ve tried, that’s for sure.

So as you pump it out, the first thing you notice is that it’s defiantly thinner than it used to be, but a great consistency. It’s a little thinner than the MUFE HD Foundation. As you apply it, it blends out very well and silky. In this Winter weather down here in Maryland, you DON’T have to powder this and I have very oily skin. This is water resistant, but not completely waterproof. I say this, because with a finger drenched in water I rubbed my face and I saw no foundation come out on my finger. When I stepped out of the shower it was still their, but a very small amount that eventually came off with the swipe of my towel.

Final Thoughts: I defiantly think that you should give it a try, if your not finding something that is more natural with a light feel. It does give coverage and it can be built up, with a natural glowing look. This can be used in the winter and summer and applied with a domed, foundation, or concealer brush or a sponge.

Aside from everything else I would really love to say that you for these amazing views recently. WordPress just added a feature where you can see where your views are and from what country and I want to thank you :).


Love you Dolls, see ya!


mine might be a sexy kitty makeup guru! 🙂

Inside BlackBerry

BlackBerry Halloween

Halloween isn’t just a North American holiday — it’s celebrated all around the world. It’s a fact that people just love getting scared. This is why we find long lines at haunted houses and movie theaters, and a few more late-night visitors to cemeteries around this time of year.

How else do we celebrate? We dress up, of course! We put the kids into costumes, the dog wears a hotdog suit, and the house gets a Halloween extreme makeover. Well, what about your BlackBerry ® smartphone? I’ve got you covered. I’ve put together a list of some great themes for your BlackBerry devices that are sure to keep you in the Halloween spirit all month:

Halloween themes for BlackBerry
Official Halloween Movie Theme – Animated with Ringtone by Cellfish Studios LLC.: Customize your BlackBerry smartphone with the theme from the cult classic movie Halloween. This theme includes original imagery, an animated homescreen, and a…

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Hey guys!! I know I have been gone for a long time, but come tomorrow I will have a review on these amazing MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lashes!! See you tomorrow!
Wonka Wonka Oww!

Where Is The Winner?

Hey Guys,

So a lot of you have been asking me, if they won the Makeup Forever and Brushes Contest, and the answer is “I would have told you”. When people win contests that I do, I ask them if they want me to put theeir username or whatever on a post and if they say “No.” then I respect that, mark the contest as closed and keep moving. Bye my little Angles!


So before I start this review I would like to say that this review is sponsored BUT NO ONE has paid me to speak GOOD or BAD about these products I am reviewing. THESE ARE ALL MY OWN OPINION ON THESE PRODUCTS! So let’s get started!

I REALLY LOVE the packaging on both, the Dual Concealer and the HD Liquid Foundation. The concealer is a small flip open compact split in two, for the two different color concealer, and a mirror. The HD Liquid Foundation is a twist to revile the pump nozzle, and this gives me so much nostalgia of the Lorac Natural Performance!
Both of these products can be sheered down to nothing, or have the fullest coverage. Just the concealer would have to be layered to achieve fullest coverage.
Final Thoughts:
Normally I don’t do reviews on something the day AFTER I get it but let me explain why I put this up so fast. Right after I picked the package up from Sean I had a client call me and they basically said it was urgent for me to get down there, and I would be doing some makeup on A LOT of African American girls. Okay? And the shades that I received for the products were all deeper shades. So I get down there and it’s SO many girls there! I mean it was packed! Luckily there were a few other people that I knew that were there to help and the look on their faces were PRICELESS! So I ended up doing at least 25 faces at that ONE place! As I applied the concealer I watched these girls under eye troubles vanish before my eyes! I also saw how with a damp Beauty Blender the HD foundation could get down to as sheer as a BB cream! So as my final thoughts I can honestly say, if you can get your hands on this BUY IT!
Bye Makeup Dolls!
Melanie Z.
P.S. I want to thank Karla H. at Eve Pearl for helping me out!

Okay so I know that it’s been a while since my last post about the contest, but I have to review this product that had set the bar SOOOOO much higher when it comes to concealers! This magnificent product is the “Makeup Forever HD Concealer” this product is the GOD of concealers!
The packaging on this product is a small, black tube with a twist bottom to dispense product(which I LOOOOOVE). This product is SOOO convenient for on the go touch ups and can slip into your pocket VERY undetected.
The coverage on this is the best on any of concealers! You can get the sheerest to FULLEST of coverage, because the twist bottom. This concealer just floats and literally eliminates all your wrinkles and imperfections, so my mature women can use this product without having to cake on the product. This also gives the appearance that you have slept for days to get rid of your bags if used under the eye.
Final Thoughts:
If you don’t already have this products RUN to your nearest supplier of this brand and get it! NOW! But something else I wanted to mention was that this may look like it doesn’t have a lot of product but this is one of those thinks where a little goes a very long way.
See Ya Makeup Dolls,