So before I start this review I would like to say that this review is sponsored BUT NO ONE has paid me to speak GOOD or BAD about these products I am reviewing. THESE ARE ALL MY OWN OPINION ON THESE PRODUCTS! So let’s get started!

I REALLY LOVE the packaging on both, the Dual Concealer and the HD Liquid Foundation. The concealer is a small flip open compact split in two, for the two different color concealer, and a mirror. The HD Liquid Foundation is a twist to revile the pump nozzle, and this gives me so much nostalgia of the Lorac Natural Performance!
Both of these products can be sheered down to nothing, or have the fullest coverage. Just the concealer would have to be layered to achieve fullest coverage.
Final Thoughts:
Normally I don’t do reviews on something the day AFTER I get it but let me explain why I put this up so fast. Right after I picked the package up from Sean I had a client call me and they basically said it was urgent for me to get down there, and I would be doing some makeup on A LOT of African American girls. Okay? And the shades that I received for the products were all deeper shades. So I get down there and it’s SO many girls there! I mean it was packed! Luckily there were a few other people that I knew that were there to help and the look on their faces were PRICELESS! So I ended up doing at least 25 faces at that ONE place! As I applied the concealer I watched these girls under eye troubles vanish before my eyes! I also saw how with a damp Beauty Blender the HD foundation could get down to as sheer as a BB cream! So as my final thoughts I can honestly say, if you can get your hands on this BUY IT!
Bye Makeup Dolls!
Melanie Z.
P.S. I want to thank Karla H. at Eve Pearl for helping me out!