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I love you, my munchkins!!

I didn’t even tell anyone I was sick, but somehow it surfaced and you all were very supportive and it was unbelievable! I have a true love for you all!

Basically I had to leave because I got sick many times and I had to deal with a lot in my personal life, that I might address and might not.

But anyway, do expect a lot of reviews and one tomorrow! Yesterday was Pink Friday (the fragrance)’s first birthday! That perfume is so iconic, so before I review Minajesty, I will be reviewing Pink Friday and PF limited edition.

Also, can we talk miss Britney! Signing that $30 million dollar Vegas showgirl deal! That’s amazing! I always saw her doing something like that, so that bitch better work!

As for me, I have many things anticipating. The Minajesty commercial, the ARTPOP cover and Nicki’s 3rd album! I know, I know I’m a Stan!

Recently, I’ve been looking into waist training, and I do wanna get a waist cincher instead of a corset. It’s a lot fast and helps with the fat in that area. I am contacting a company, but I don’t know how some people will feel about me doing it. It’s not that I want something feminine, I just need help in getting my stomach flat without sucking in 😅😭. Though I am getting quite skinny, because I’m dancing and exercising, A LOT.

Anyway, I was just getting you guys caught up and letting you know I’m still alive and all is well now and I’m okay.

Love you my Dolls,

Seanie B. 💋💋💁


Milestone PASSED!

WOW! You guys are the best ever and I really am so thankful to have all of you as my subscribers! I know that I just brought back the follow feature and I had just sprung it to you all to subscribe or follow or whatever you want to call it, but I know it was very surprising! But even though this was very surprising you all REALLY did it! You guys got me OVER100 SUBSCRIBERS ALMOST 13,000 RSS FEED SUBSCRIPTIONS IN LESS THAN 4 DAYS! You all are really amazing, and for my appreciation to you I have went out and bought the products that MANY of my friends, and you guys haven been asking me to get, some other things that i just wanted to get myself, and somethings I’ve had for a while. These are the reviews that you can expect to see!:








We passed a milestone guys. Thank you.

Peace. Love. War,


P.S. I didn’t even tell you to follow! You guys say the chance and flew at it! But on a second

note do you guys think that I should disable comments and only let people send me request and comments via email, or keep the comments open? Answer in the poll or in the comments!