Well, maybe not completely life saving, but the following beauty hacks that I am about to show you will definitely help you in your beauty crisis/time of need!

   1. Pimple On the Rise?

Ever feel that pimple forming and from the irratation around you, you know it’s gonna be a big one? Well with this one trick that I created,and use frequently, you can try to diminish the growth of the pimple, or kill it all together! (Though I doubt that anything will go wrong, there is a notice I am putting. I am not a doctor or anything of the sort. I am simply a beauty enthusiast and I am passing on a trick that I do. This trick may not work for you, and it may cause adverse effects, but I am not held responsible for this, as I am warning you now.)


  • A squeeze of toothpaste
  • A few shakes of cayenne pepper
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice


When I was on the Master Cleanse diet, I was told to add cayenne pepper to it. When I was first starting out the diet (which I am currently on now) I though that it would only be for things like flavoring, but cayenne pepper has many benifits, that people wouldn’t realize would come form such a simple spice!
It helps to boost metabolism, but also many people use it as in their scrub because it brightens the skin and has many other benifts for the skin, so that got me thinking. Many people put toothpaste on existing pimples to dry them out, so what if I use that with cayenne pepper and lemon juice which are used on the regular as ingredients in high end skin care?

Hurry Up, Seanie! What do I do?

So, you mix the ingredients together and apply a somewhat thick layer on the problem area and be sure to do some rubbing in and leave it. I can’t give a certain time frame for how long to leave the mixture on, as the time changes based on how severe you think the pimple feels. And yes, this can be used on already there acne, but I still think spot treatment only.

2. Inversion Method

With this one, I’m not gonna talk your ear off! I’m gonna let someone else do it for me 😉


I recommend doing research for this one, as it is something very interesting to educate yourself on.

3. Lip Plumping at Home?

Plump lips are something that many people pay for daily, while some of us are blessed with them! I’m someone who has naturally full lips, but I love the look of huge (fake looking) lips. And before you ask, yes I do love Kylie’s lips!


  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Vaseline or Depot a lip balm
  • Small Container (i.e. Empty Carmex Container)
  • A Utensil for mixing

Cinnamon Oil is something that will naturally irritate your skin (as lip plumpers should), leaving it nice and puffy. Now, I don’t recommend rubbing your lips down in Cinnamon Oil straight, but will proper dilution, it can be your best friend!

First, place the Vaseline in the small container, along with a few drops of cinnamon oil. Mix them together well. Apply the mixture to your lips and wait at least ten minutes. If the effects are not strong enough, add a few more drops and continue to test out, until you get your best pout!

Those are 3 great beauty hacks, if you have any feel free to share them below!

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Love, War and Peace

Seanie B.