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Maybelline Nude Airfoam Review

I hope all is going well! Today I have a review on the Maybelline Nude Airfoam foundation.

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

When you first get the foundation, it comes in a can-like bottle, with a pump and cover on the top. I feel as if this is very convenient because of how small it is and slim to fit in a bag or other area comfortably. When pumped out it looks and feels JUST like a hair mousse!
This foundation has the name “Nude” in it, so you know that with this your going to be looking at a light to medium coverage, however I find that in the right hands this can hold a buildable coverage. Notice that I said in the right hands. If you are a beginner then I would advice that you use this lightly. Also this is intended for “normal skin” meaning in between dry and oily. If you want to use this foundation, and you aren’t normal skin, then for oily I would use some milk of magnesia or for dry an oil based moisturizer.
I would like to say that this foundation has a wide variety of shades, but I would be lying to myself and you. This has a wide variety of shades for more fair to medium shades, but that’s about it. For my darker sistas we have about 3 shades for us (Caramel, Light Cocoa, Cocoa) and that’s about it. I would say that the can for these products are a little misleading, and I would suggest that you buy it, rather than putting your hand up to the can to test your shade. I myself bought the Light Cocoa and Cocoa shades, and have only used the Light Cocoa as a highlighter and have yet to use the Cocoa like I thought I would.

Final Thoughts:

This is perfect for people who want a “nude” look, so light coverage. If you are having trouble acne or blisters I would say to pass this. Also if you have extremely oily skin, as it will slip and slide on its own.
Thanks for reading!


As my summer starts to draw closer and closer to a close, people dash around to “Make this Summer the BEST!” When they only ruin it for themselves. Many people can’t find the joy in lounging in the house and relaxing. The thought of it makes them cringe. One of the problems is that, they tend to think too much. I could be even talking about you. Another thing is that they (or you) think about the stresses of life instead of just not thinking about anything. My Grandmother is that type of person. If I tell her to relax, she will automatically think about every debt that she owes and underlying personal issues. She will not go to the therapy because it pains and scares her to bring certain things up because many things are sweeped under a rug. For her to relax I have to handle everything for her, and take her phone so she can just relax. If your like my grandmother your “Best Summer”, could just be relaxing and having a “Comfort Buddy”, to take care of your troubles sometimes. Not going to Heresy Park or Kings Dominion. It’s just relaxing. You may also want to go to therapy. I’ve been there and it’s helped with things that can keep you up and rack your brain at night.

To change topics, I have discovered that I have hyperhidrosis -,-. Being outside can cause much more sweating then necessary. Makeup (my baby) is becoming a challenge. I have to visit a dermatologist, which is just amazing! I am going to a “Blog My Summer Away Challenge”, to give you more posts that are deserved.

I have been watching the new show “The Real” and I have to say I’ve fallen in love. The different attitudes clash in a way that is beautiful, and not one personality gets overshadowed by another. It’s great.

I haven’t been in the my own house since Saturday and I love it. I realize that I miss certain family members WAY more than I give them credit for. These people are pieces of me and I see myself in them in many ways that I can’t imagine. Family really can complete me.

And here is where I stop for Day 1 of the Blog My Summer Away Challenge! Don’t cry, it’s okay there are 34 days left of my summer.

Love You My Perfect Dolls,

Seanie B. 💋 💋