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Something’s Unclear

There really isn’t an intro to this, it’s going to be short and sweet and I’m just going to go straight into it.

There has been a lot of bad talk about beauty bloggers recently and I’m here to tell you all what’s actually going on.

No we don’t do this only for the free perks. Though it is great to work with amazing companies, for me it’s about letting you guys know about more stuff out there!

Yes we actually do care about our SUPPORTERS.

No I won’t call you all fans. It sounds too distant, and to be honest we’re all trying to survive together.

I created my blog to try to help people to fight their insecurities and I feel like that message hasn’t translated as well as it should have. When I was younger I was very insecure and unhappy with myself. I wore makeup to cover up my insecurities and I thought that would make me feel better. It wasn’t until I actually found the root of my issues and fixed it that I realized makeup was my cover.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and the whole idea of transforming, but using it for a good purpose. Using it to cover deep rooted issues won’t work.

Trying to better ourselves one day at a time.

Love you,
Seanie B.


Happy Birthday to me! Right now I am celebrating one rocky, unstable, but beautiful year. Some of you know why I say unstable and others may be like, “What the hell is he talking about,” But just know, I see everyone of you as beautiful and valuable to me. To be honest I didn’t know it was BeautyBySeanie’s birthday. I was planning on making a post which I am now and as I logged in to give you a much wanted mascara review, I see that it’s my first birthday! My birthday! My birthday! My birthday! So on to other news, I am hereby making it a commitment that you all will have, some type of material, at least once every two (I feel like typing it out makes you seem smarter :3) weeks. I love you and here is the review on *drum roll* ‘Maybelline’s One By One Mascara’! To the review!:
Now I know this looks very creepy, but disregard the creep factor for just one moment. Here are my eyelahes, with no mascara:




image (2)

As you can see my eyelashes are nothing long, and very short. They are pretty thick though and they are strong, because I don’t every notice any falling out too often.

Now with one coat of this mascara:






Now with 2 coats:




Now I know that these pictures aren’t that HD, and they are not doing this mascara justice, but this mascara is amazing! It comes in both the waterproof and washable formula and I always favor waterproof formulas. It goes on so smooth and as you can see, even with 2 coats it still gives amazing length. I’ve had the washable formula before and if that’s what you favor, it’s still amazing. It doesn’t flake off, it just comes off when your ready for it to… Or when you cry. Either way, this mascara’s amazing if your looking for length. If volume’s what you favor, this isn’t the one.

Anyway, love you and this year will be amazing,