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Well, maybe not completely life saving, but the following beauty hacks that I am about to show you will definitely help you in your beauty crisis/time of need!

   1. Pimple On the Rise?

Ever feel that pimple forming and from the irratation around you, you know it’s gonna be a big one? Well with this one trick that I created,and use frequently, you can try to diminish the growth of the pimple, or kill it all together! (Though I doubt that anything will go wrong, there is a notice I am putting. I am not a doctor or anything of the sort. I am simply a beauty enthusiast and I am passing on a trick that I do. This trick may not work for you, and it may cause adverse effects, but I am not held responsible for this, as I am warning you now.)


  • A squeeze of toothpaste
  • A few shakes of cayenne pepper
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice


When I was on the Master Cleanse diet, I was told to add cayenne pepper to it. When I was first starting out the diet (which I am currently on now) I though that it would only be for things like flavoring, but cayenne pepper has many benifits, that people wouldn’t realize would come form such a simple spice!
It helps to boost metabolism, but also many people use it as in their scrub because it brightens the skin and has many other benifts for the skin, so that got me thinking. Many people put toothpaste on existing pimples to dry them out, so what if I use that with cayenne pepper and lemon juice which are used on the regular as ingredients in high end skin care?

Hurry Up, Seanie! What do I do?

So, you mix the ingredients together and apply a somewhat thick layer on the problem area and be sure to do some rubbing in and leave it. I can’t give a certain time frame for how long to leave the mixture on, as the time changes based on how severe you think the pimple feels. And yes, this can be used on already there acne, but I still think spot treatment only.

2. Inversion Method

With this one, I’m not gonna talk your ear off! I’m gonna let someone else do it for me 😉


I recommend doing research for this one, as it is something very interesting to educate yourself on.

3. Lip Plumping at Home?

Plump lips are something that many people pay for daily, while some of us are blessed with them! I’m someone who has naturally full lips, but I love the look of huge (fake looking) lips. And before you ask, yes I do love Kylie’s lips!


  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Vaseline or Depot a lip balm
  • Small Container (i.e. Empty Carmex Container)
  • A Utensil for mixing

Cinnamon Oil is something that will naturally irritate your skin (as lip plumpers should), leaving it nice and puffy. Now, I don’t recommend rubbing your lips down in Cinnamon Oil straight, but will proper dilution, it can be your best friend!

First, place the Vaseline in the small container, along with a few drops of cinnamon oil. Mix them together well. Apply the mixture to your lips and wait at least ten minutes. If the effects are not strong enough, add a few more drops and continue to test out, until you get your best pout!

Those are 3 great beauty hacks, if you have any feel free to share them below!

Someone contacted me earlier today and asked if I could share the link to their GoFundMe and I am glad to!: gofund.me/Art4BTS
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They would like to remain anonymous, but they have given a very nice description to what the money is going to! Please donate and share the page, so they can see their idols!

Love, War and Peace

Seanie B.


Hey Dolls!

As promised, here’s a review on Queen Onika (Nicki Minaj)’s frangrances! Since I am a Barb, I decided to take that out of my opioion of saying that these are litleralty the best frgrances ever created and give my honest opioin. So, starting out with the first little baby, Pink Friday!

Pink Friday Review:

Described as :
Sassy. Fearless. Feminine. Step into a bright new world, one that is larger than life. Jump on this ride and get your world spinning with Pink Friday Nicki Minaj. Sparkling with mouth-watering fruits, the fragrance imparts a playful cloud of pink floral petals that whisper the sultry warmth of vanilla, skin musks and woods. Striking from all angles, the stunning statuesque bottle, just like Nicki, shines in the spotlight. Make life fearlessly fun with the intoxicating new fragrance, Pink Friday Nicki Minaj. Experience Pink Friday Nicki Minaj with this 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray.

  • Top Notes: Starfruit, Italian Mandarin, Boysenberry
  • Heart Notes: Fresh Gardenia, Lotus Flower, Jasmine Petals
  • Drydown: Creamy Vanilla, Carmelized Pear, Skin Musk, Sheer Woods

Of the Top, I get the Starfruit and Boysenberry. That Mandarin is pushed towards the back, to the point that you cant really tell it exists, but you know that it’s in the depth of the fragrance. The top is over in about 10 minutes on my skin and it takes us into the heart. Since the first spray, you can really get that Gardenia. In the Heart, I only get Gardenia. This comes together to give me a Starfruit, Boysenberry, Gardenia fantasy that’s a fruity and juicy, mouthwatering experience. When it gets to this stage, I catch myself biting down, like I’m biting into some exotic very lucious fruit. Of the drydown, I get the vanilla and the caramelized pear along with the skin musk. It really drys down, staying to it’s fruity flavored roots and not letting down. Sillage wise, I get a soft but not quiet scent. People will still be able to smell you. I am an oversprayer, so from the initial overspray, people can defiantly notice me. As far as lasting time, I can get a solid 5+ hrs. this is really good on a fragrance where people claim to only get “30 minutes”. Pshhh.

Next is…
Pink Friday Special Edition!:
Described as:
The Pink Friday SPECIAL EDITION is a softer floral fruity gourmand with luscious fruits and berries wrapped with light hearted florals in a sultry blend of caramelized pear and sheer musk.


      Top notes: Grapefruit, Apple and Raspberry


      Heart Notes: Water Lily, Honeysuckle and Jasmine


    Base Notes: Pear, Caramel and Musk

So, of the top I get the Grapefruit with a punch to the nose and that Raspberry as the backup in the fight. In the Middle, I get the Honeysuckle but the Grapefruit and Raspberry are still fighting through. In the base I get the Pear and Caramel that create a much sweeter caramelized Pear than Pink Friday. Being described as a floral fruity gourmand, it really packs through on her promise, delivering something delicious that I can’t really hint at in the note section. Maybe the Caramel Pear? Sillage with an overspray is soft but noticeable. And with it being a eau de toilette, it only lasts about 2+ hours on me.

Now on to one of the newest addition, my favorite:


Described as:
Rule your queendom with Minajesty. This sultry floral gourmand scent reigns with luscious fruits and luxurious fresh florals, draped in creamy vanilla and pure musks.

With its outrageous and sexy presence, the striking bottle is a glamorous statement, enticing fans to collect the next, must-have “doll” in the Nicki Minaj collection.


      Top notes: Red Berries, Lemon and Peach


      Middle Notes: Magnolia, Frangipani and Orchid


    Base Botes: Tonka Bean, Vanila and Musk

To me, in the top, I get the Lemon and the Peach, but not a candied version, something that smells like it was fresh off the cuttting board and smell DELICIOUS! The nose for this perfume defiantly got an amazing accord to create this likeness. In the Middle, I get the Frangipani and a little of the Orchid to create a very sweet but mature fragrance. In the base, I get the Tonka Bean (since the beginning) and the fluffy Vanilla. So as the fragrance drys, I have this every fluffy almost angelic presence on my skin. Sillage for me with an overspray is very far. I walked into a room and didn’t notice that everyone with about a 2 arm radius from me was staring. HARD. One girl even said, “I’m sorry but you smell AMAZING!” And put her nose literally on my wrist and then apologized. I guess Minajesty is a win!

Okay, since you stayed to the end, I’ll give you something sweet. I am having a contest, but only want it to be for my loyal fans that actually read what I write, so if you comment your favorite Nicki Minaj fragrance and are following me, you can get that bottle in a 3.4 oz! You can comment a maximum of 5 times and you can spread it out. It WILL be picked at random. Thanks babes, and a special surprise for tomorrow.

Love You Babes,

Rise By Beyonce Review!

I’d like to start of by saying I’m the first detailed review of this fragrance ever!

I went to Kohls today to smell the queen’s new fragrance and though it’s not my cup of tea it is a very nice! I didn’t really get that apricot in the top but the dominate player is the basil not at all the orchid. She really stands out and is the Sasha Fierce of the fragrance in the way that she takes control and you can sell her at the first spray until the very end. Freesia is there but in the way that she was in Midnight Fantasy. She adds a little pop to it, but don’t think of it as soda pop like with MF. It’s kick that she gives the Basil to make them the best of friends. The orchid that’s said to be the star is more like Basil’s backup dancer that gets a little afraid of Basil’s control and backs up hiding until later on. As it dries and you wear it more the veviter and cashmere musk get stronger and they get along very nicely with the Basil/Freesia tag team that scared orchid away. The jasmine isn’t really there on me, but it’s somewhere in this very green fresh scent. Something else that I think is there that isn’t listed is tea, but that could be the basil and cashmere musk going at it. As the day is over this turns to something very comfortable the Sasha Fierce of the show (Basil) has softened though she stays through the whole fragrance, the orchid comes out of her shell a little and Freesia is still giving basil that boost of confidence and I think she’s the only reason that Basil has lasted this long. All of the base notes stand out in the end to create something soft beautiful and comforting woods of green tea but still with a fierce kick from the freesia.

As far as sillage, with a spray on the wrist it’s soft, because the wrist isn’t my strong point since I was only testing it and wanted to get frequent sniffs but a good amount of sprays on the neck for me could get me noticed.

With lasting time, I did the one spray OVER 17 hours ago and she’s still going strong, though she does soften. As I’m typing this I continue to smell my wrist since she’s still there! But with Beyonce fragrance I get a lot of wear (Pulse I get about 12 hours even). That’s why I don’t understand people getting like 15 minutes of wear! Beyonce also said her fragrances last really long on her, so I guess we have the same chemistry (YES, SCORE FOR SEAN!)

To wrap things up, Beyonce Rise is a green, woodsy tea like fragrance with a kick of a Basil/Freesia tag team that has some florals that get masked by the team. I actually do feel confident, yet sexy while wearing this and it lasts ridiculously long. With soft sillage from one spray and something that can be a lot stronger with a few more on the new and chest, Rise is something more original and least expected from a celebrity fragrance. I give it an easy 10/10! LOOOOOVE IT! You know… I’m gonna go back and get it! Add something different to my collection!

Love You!

Seanie B.


I love you, my munchkins!!

I didn’t even tell anyone I was sick, but somehow it surfaced and you all were very supportive and it was unbelievable! I have a true love for you all!

Basically I had to leave because I got sick many times and I had to deal with a lot in my personal life, that I might address and might not.

But anyway, do expect a lot of reviews and one tomorrow! Yesterday was Pink Friday (the fragrance)’s first birthday! That perfume is so iconic, so before I review Minajesty, I will be reviewing Pink Friday and PF limited edition.

Also, can we talk miss Britney! Signing that $30 million dollar Vegas showgirl deal! That’s amazing! I always saw her doing something like that, so that bitch better work!

As for me, I have many things anticipating. The Minajesty commercial, the ARTPOP cover and Nicki’s 3rd album! I know, I know I’m a Stan!

Recently, I’ve been looking into waist training, and I do wanna get a waist cincher instead of a corset. It’s a lot fast and helps with the fat in that area. I am contacting a company, but I don’t know how some people will feel about me doing it. It’s not that I want something feminine, I just need help in getting my stomach flat without sucking in 😅😭. Though I am getting quite skinny, because I’m dancing and exercising, A LOT.

Anyway, I was just getting you guys caught up and letting you know I’m still alive and all is well now and I’m okay.

Love you my Dolls,

Seanie B. 💋💋💁

This has to be one of my MOST asked for reviews, or whatever you may call this! All the time I get a request for this! But before I get to the reviews I want to put out a WARNING! MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR EXACT SHADE OF THE MAKEUP! DONT FOLLOW WHAT I MAY SAY IN OTHER POST ABOUT HIGHLIGHTING UNDER YOUR EYES! ITS NOT GOING TO LOOK NATURAL ON A GUY AT ALL! So now that that’s out the way lets get started:

Maybelline Dream Nude Air foam
I just did a review on this item, so I’m going to keep this pretty short, and sweet. BOYS USE THIS! If you have patchy discoloration marks, or spots this is it. It will even your skin without making you look streaky from the brush movements. But if you are having trouble w/ acne don’t get this. It won’t help much.

          Airbrushing System
If you can afford it GET IT. Many people think that this makeup product will make your face look like some crazy porcelain doll, that looks flawless, and fake as hell! This is only true if you go overboard with it, and trust me I’ve seen some overboard shit um stuff! Used correctly this can give you a natural VERY build able coverage. Also many of the airbrush systems out here now come with kits of airbrush shades so it’s hard to put the wrong shade with this, you can also blend 2 shades together like nobody’s business!

    Revlon Colorstay Foundation
This foundation is awesome! You will have that build able coverage, finding your shade is quite easy with the diverse shades available, it isn’t thick at all, and it works with the different skin types.

This is just part 1 of this review because there are so many makeup brands that are PERFECT for boys that would take forever for for this blog to be posted, and I want to get this out there to help people!


Thank You

I just want to start off with: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
It has been a really rough time for me, because of the hacking, and I really thought that all of you would leave. I was so afraid, I even thought about just stopping the blog all together. Just as I was thinking of doing this I checked my blog for what I thought would be the last time, but what I saw really surprised me! I was astounded by the amount of comments, and views that my blog had received! I thought that when you all had seen everything gone you would leave too. So to thank you I will try my hardest to answer all your questions and bring you many reviews!

Much Love,

Something’s Unclear

There really isn’t an intro to this, it’s going to be short and sweet and I’m just going to go straight into it.

There has been a lot of bad talk about beauty bloggers recently and I’m here to tell you all what’s actually going on.

No we don’t do this only for the free perks. Though it is great to work with amazing companies, for me it’s about letting you guys know about more stuff out there!

Yes we actually do care about our SUPPORTERS.

No I won’t call you all fans. It sounds too distant, and to be honest we’re all trying to survive together.

I created my blog to try to help people to fight their insecurities and I feel like that message hasn’t translated as well as it should have. When I was younger I was very insecure and unhappy with myself. I wore makeup to cover up my insecurities and I thought that would make me feel better. It wasn’t until I actually found the root of my issues and fixed it that I realized makeup was my cover.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and the whole idea of transforming, but using it for a good purpose. Using it to cover deep rooted issues won’t work.

Trying to better ourselves one day at a time.

Love you,
Seanie B.

Sorry if there are typos this is still in a semi edit mode, but please feel free to read on!

Happy New Year BABES!!

The contest IS CLOSED and to be in the holiday spirit, I chose 2 people to win. I’ll tell the details on how it was random below, but for the holiday season I decided to give a favorites list of about 5 things that I have been using frequently recently and love!

1. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I just found this product and I don’t know what I was missing in my life! I use this under the eyes and if you know me, you know that under the eyes I tend to go for something medium to full coverage. With a lot of concealers, I often find myself not being able to go that full without getting completely cakey and looking like a creased monster under the eyes. NOT WITH THIS ONE! This concealer is like something that I would have come across in a dream of mine! It’s literally amazing to work with and the undertones are perfect! I’m in the shade Amande for a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly! (If I want a really stark highlight I go for Caramel). It dries to a demi matte on my skin, but even when my skin becomes an oily nightmare, without powder, she still stands her own and it’s AMAZING! This is beautiful covering blemishes and dark circles, because it looks so much like skin! It glows and as far as I know, reacts well with flash (I HAVE NOT TESTED WITH HD THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN THE NEAR FUTURE). And for someone like me in high school, when my friends that don’t wear makeup come to me for makeup advice, I always tell them to pick this up. The shades really adjust to skin tone with hardly any blending and can take on any beautiful flaw you through at her!

Rate: 100/10!

2. Midnight Fantasy By Britney Spears

Know, though I am someone big in fragrances, I have nothing against celebrity fragrances as some people who are into fragrances may be. I obviously know the difference between fragrance quality, but if I find a scent that I love, I’m not going to feel bad for liking it “just because it’s a celebrity fragrance”. That’s ridiculous.

So as I’m walking through the mall with my little grandmother on Black Friday, I see one of those famous perfume carts outside of Hot Topic. This one I know well, since the lady has been trying to get me to buy something from her for years. This time though, I caved in because I was looking for Midnight Fantasy for a deal since no place near me had this on sale and the only one I could find was a .5 oz. I ask the small, indian (not being racist or mean in any way shape or form, I’m simply setting the scene) woman if she had Midnight and she directs me to one of the sides of the cart and pulls out that blue box that I’m oh so familiar with. “$35,” she says. Now I’m like woo there! I don’t even know how many ounces this is and proving by the dust on the plastic, I wasn’t sure about sinking myself in on a perfume like this I can go hunt for cheaper on. “Hold on there, little lady,” I say making her giggle and blush “How many ounces?” “1.7,” she says casually. Hmm, she may have muzzled her way into me making a deal. So after bargaining with her, I got a 1 oz of Fantasy and a 1.7 oz of Midnight Fantasy for $45. Steal right!

Now, while we’re talking about fragrances, it really bugs me when people take other fragrances and try to rebottle it and claim it as their own. Like how the new Killer Queen smells like a cheap version of the classic Flowerbomb that I reviewed, but someone deleted when I got hacked. It really does smell like a cheap version of it and it’s not a good dupe for the classic. It’s actually somewhat insulting. 

3. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This little product is something really unusual. If you don’t read the box and you just tear it open your sure to be shocked. This product isn’t the gel like facial cleanser that a lot of people are used to, it actually comes in a powder! The directions say to wet your hands and your face and work the powder into a lather. I actually do think that this product works and that it’s actually a really good product. It works all the makeup off of your face, but I don’t think that I would recommend it for dry skin, without some type of moisturizer or oil afterwards. It does give a very dry, tight feel to the face so if your skin is dry don’t do this alone.

4. Rembrandt Flouride Mouthwash

This mouthwash has been with me all year and I defiantly see the difference! It protects the enamel of your teeth, while whitening. The only thing is I wouldn’t say to do this while your thirsty, seeming as it says that you can’t drink within 30 minutes of doing this. To people that suggest the natural route, next year (basically tomorrow) I will be doing the oil pulling method and I am very excited about it!

5. Lancome Definicils Mascara

This mascara works wonders! I use this other some type of other waterproof mascara and the length is literally incredible seeming as I had really short lashes before. As for the growing effects, this really does help your lashes grow! It’s incredible how long my lashes have gotten! I didn’t take any before and after pictures, but I would say that it has added a few millimeters to lashes! Incredible right!

6. Minajesty and Pink Friday Special Edition

You guys already know how I feel about that. I absolutely love it!

7. And of course, my favorite Flowerbomb and all her little sisters!

Welp now that that’s over, everyone stay safe, and tell me what’s your new year’s resolution?

So those are 7 little products that have gotten me through the year and will defiantly come with me to the new year. This new year I do have a few resolutions, but mostly I think I’m ready to find love or some type of interest. A large part of my life I gave advice and didn’t have anyone. This was partly due to my self consciousness and lack of self esteem. I knew people liked me, but I never took on those advances, because I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe that someone liked me when I barely even liked myself.

I Love You, My Babies,


P.S. The winners of the contest were chosen through http://Random.org  The winners are NickiIsKing with her Pink Friday Special Edition entry and Trinna with her Minajesty entry. The winners have already been contacted and have received their products BEFORE Christmas. Good Luck to everyone on my next contest. (I don’t know when that will be.)

Sorry that I’ve been posting rather late. It’s just that I’ve been making the right time for you all.

Today, I stopped at the local drugstore (CVS) and I made some personal purchases and also some beauty purchases. I bought the new “Big Eyes” mascara and some “Color Whisper” lipsticks. Those reviews should be expected for some #BlogMySummerAwayChallenge reviews. It was more of a dry thinking day today. Nothing really exciting. To let everyone know, I am back home and I slept for a very long time the night I got back 😂 . I missed my bed and hadn’t even realized it.

Many of you have commented very inspiring words on the post for the first day that I will try to include tomorrow. But I do want to say, that many people will try to knock you down and I know that’s one of the most overused sayings but it’s true. These people can be people that you wouldn’t even expect. Many times, to find out how people whom you speculate are trying to knock you down, get in an argument for good reason.

Many times arguments can serve as the clearing ground for a relationship, to bring many things to light and can reveal how someone really feels.

Lord have mercy my babies I’m getting very tired and hope that this is enough for today.


Stay Fierce,

Seanie B. 💋 💋 💁

As my summer starts to draw closer and closer to a close, people dash around to “Make this Summer the BEST!” When they only ruin it for themselves. Many people can’t find the joy in lounging in the house and relaxing. The thought of it makes them cringe. One of the problems is that, they tend to think too much. I could be even talking about you. Another thing is that they (or you) think about the stresses of life instead of just not thinking about anything. My Grandmother is that type of person. If I tell her to relax, she will automatically think about every debt that she owes and underlying personal issues. She will not go to the therapy because it pains and scares her to bring certain things up because many things are sweeped under a rug. For her to relax I have to handle everything for her, and take her phone so she can just relax. If your like my grandmother your “Best Summer”, could just be relaxing and having a “Comfort Buddy”, to take care of your troubles sometimes. Not going to Heresy Park or Kings Dominion. It’s just relaxing. You may also want to go to therapy. I’ve been there and it’s helped with things that can keep you up and rack your brain at night.

To change topics, I have discovered that I have hyperhidrosis -,-. Being outside can cause much more sweating then necessary. Makeup (my baby) is becoming a challenge. I have to visit a dermatologist, which is just amazing! I am going to a “Blog My Summer Away Challenge”, to give you more posts that are deserved.

I have been watching the new show “The Real” and I have to say I’ve fallen in love. The different attitudes clash in a way that is beautiful, and not one personality gets overshadowed by another. It’s great.

I haven’t been in the my own house since Saturday and I love it. I realize that I miss certain family members WAY more than I give them credit for. These people are pieces of me and I see myself in them in many ways that I can’t imagine. Family really can complete me.

And here is where I stop for Day 1 of the Blog My Summer Away Challenge! Don’t cry, it’s okay there are 34 days left of my summer.

Love You My Perfect Dolls,

Seanie B. 💋 💋